Why are you clicking here?  This is a site about products to tell someone to go fuck themselves.  Do you think we’re going to waste the time to writing a fucking about us page or why we want to tell people to fuck off?  Actually yes, we do.

I have to write boring product descriptions and doing bullshit work during the day.  Most of it is the same things over and over and sometimes I have to deal with assholes.  Don’t get me wrong, I actually love what I do and love the people I work with even more, but every once in a while I come across an asshole, someone who doesn’t have their shit together or seriously incompetent people.

Not only do they make life fucking miserable, but you can never call them out on it because they always raise a stink to cover their own ass.  It would be an amazing world if we could just get rid of them and let non trouble making, somewhat sane and actually fun people work and the rest die.  Unfortunately that probably won’t happen which is why I needed a stress relief.

Discovering that GivingFucks.com was available and being able to promote products that let you laugh when you have to deal with assholes has become the perfect outlet for those asshole people you want to tell to fuck off, but can’t.  I do own some of the products myself, I’ll probably buy more of them and if for some reason this site takes off, I’ll probably turn it into a retail shop.  Until then I have links where I earn a small commission and if you have a problem with that, go fuck yourself.  It takes a lot of fucking work to find these fucking products and costs money to host the site, buy the templates, etc… so the commission is like a tip for doing the work so you can find a funny gift for yourself or someone who is stressed out.

Thank you again for reading this page and feel free to leave a comment on the pages with your favorite products and don’t forget to share them on your favorite social network.  The more we sell and the more shares we get, the more I can post new products and start a store for you all to help everyone tell someone to fuck off.