The Fuck You Sun Hangover Book for Kids

Ok, we’ve all been there….hungover off your ass in the morning and the sun doesn’t stop hitting your face with it’s cancer causing and painful rays of hellfire.  Ohh ya, you know when your blackout curtains fail you and every glimpse of light is equal to the eye doctor shinning a beam in your eyes or the dentist pulling out the drill.  The Fuck You Sun book will not only remind you why you hate the sun but it may help prevent the next morning from feeling like this.

fuck you sun hangover kids book

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Fuck You Sun is a classic read for any person who regularly wakes up with a hangover.  Although it looks like a book for kids, it’s really a nice way to cope with the fact that you’re an alcoholic asshole adult that knew better than do to those shots that hot guy/girl (probably a tranny) bought for you when you should have been home.

As you’re mixing the bloody mary in the morning realizing it’s monday and you need to be at work, it’s a great way to remember that rail vodkas aren’t for you anymore…neither are all night bingers.  For those nights where self control and reason don’t make sense…leave this book bedside so you know it’s your own fault when you wake up feeling like shit.

Click any of the links above to purchase your own copy of Fuck You Sun and enjoy the wonderful writing styles of a fellow anti-hangover and anti-hagover-sun activist.  Let’s be honest, what better thing do you have to do?

So you may thinking drinking isn’t responsible.  Well, there’s responsible drinking, drinking responsibly, and then the OMG WTF kind of drunk was I and why is there a kangaroo in my bed covered in glitter, glow stick juice and my cat is giving me serious resting bitch face.  Seriously?

Mittens had a good night too,,,or at least a good snack since the cheese and sauce from the pizza I tried to eat is all over his fur.  Some cats don’t get pizza so he should be happy!

With all jokes aside, don’t expose your pets to your alcoholism or get them to join in.  That is one thing I actually do care about.  On the other hand, if you decide to go on a binger and need to read Fuck You Sun, you probably aren’t responsible enough for a pet and need to find it a better home.  Seriously, don’t be an asshole.  If you can’t take care of yourself and you actually sound like the person in Fuck You Sun, you aren’t grown up enough for a pet rock let alone something that is living and breathing.

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