The History of the Word Fuck – In a Book

Ok Millenials, time to learn something, there are these things called books and people read them to learn.  Yes, print on paper that can cut your fucking finger and hurt.  Buy them, read them and cherish them.  If batteries run out or you don’t have power, you also don’t have entertainment.  That’s why books are good…all they need is light and the ability to decipher letters and words.

Books teach you important things like how to find new drinking games, how to play pranks on people that they won’t expect and even how to cook food (yes, something that is not delivered).  There are also some books that teach you things like history and information. The History of the Word Fuck Book for example is one of them.

the history of the word fuck book

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Have you ever wondered where words like fuck come from?  Now you can find out when you buy “The History of the Word Fuck” Book.  Yes it comes in multiple formats, but carrying around a book called The Irrelevant History of the Word Fuck just has a nice fuck you feeling to it.  If you like shock value and learning, you’ll feel proud to carry this piece of classic literature with you.

You may get thrown out of a restaurant, the metro or anywhere else where someone sees the main topic of this book, but hey, you’re carrying it around for shock value anyways.  But seriously, have you wondered where and how the word was created?  Why it became something offensive or probably the most popular swear word in the English language?  This book will give you the full history of this amazing word.  Now as someone blurts out a good fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck you, you can challenge them on if they actually know what it means, where it came from and if they’re even using it in a proper format.

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