Here’s to All The Fucks I Give

There’s been a series increase in the amount of dumb fucks out there.  I could careless about political sides, vegan vs. meat eaters or anything else.  I’m talking about the pure stupidity of people in general and almost everything in between.  Last week was the final breaking point for me when this stupid, stupid person who clearly has helicopter parents approached my friend and I while we were taking a break from watching the Iowa Caucus.

here's to all the fucks I give ecard [Read more…]

I Put the “Hard On” in Chardonnay

The other day my friends and I were having a talk about our partners, sex and of course wine.  That’s when it hit me, did you know that there’s always a hard on in chardonnay?  Seriously…not because it can make you horny, but the words actually appear in the middle of the varietal.  (More chardonnay and hardon ecards below).

I put the hardon in chardonnay

Look at the letters in the word and you’ll see it. C H A R D O N N A Y.  After the c and before the nay you’ll find the hard on every day.  Ok, I’m having way to much fun with this,,,especially because it’s freezing out and I rarely drink white wines during winter…unless I’m at the beach or somewhere warm.   [Read more…]

Chicken & Steak Are Vegetarian Ecard – Love This!

The other day my friend called and asked if he could bring his new boyfriend to dinner.  Of course I’d love to meet his boyfriend so I said sure.  Then they dropped the bombshell,,,he’s a fucking vegetarian.  That’s where the inspiration for this ecard came from.

chicken and steak vegetarian ecard Look, I have no problem with alternative lifestyles as long as they don’t affect me.  One thing to remember is that being vegetarian is a choice and don’t you push that shit on me.  Allergies you cannot help, being vegetarian you can.  Go ahead and eat veggies in public,,,I can ignore it.  To come into my home and [Read more…]

The Bottle is Made of Glass – Wine eCard

bottle is made of glass wine ecard

The other day I was binge watching my favorite TV shows and my friend calls and asks if they can join.  When he asked what I was doing, I said having a glass of wine.  When he finally got here he saw I was drinking from the bottle.

He looked puzzled and all I could say was, the bottle is technically made of glass.  After realizing that [Read more…]