The Looks Like It’s Fuck This Shit O’Clock Mug

Work can be fucking bullshit…well not work, but everything at work, including neighbors who chew gum or snort, assholes that ask for ridiculous favors after a deadline or requests like “can you please move your car” while you’re on a call….  Ya, fuck you asshole, let me interrupt this call so I can do something trivial that has zero meaning and will take away from all productivity.  Of course and fuck you too!

That’s why we have the “Looks Like It’s Fuck This Shit O’Clock” coffee mug.  Click the previous link or image below to buy it from our third party partner.

looks like it's fuck this shit o'clock coffee mug

Image from the amazon affiliate program

Coffee gives you a break from the boring things at work.  It is also the thing that you need when others can’t get their shit together.  From working weekends because others are incompetent to having to redo all of your work only to have your boss ask you to redo it the way you had it the first time.  The only relief you can get is to either quit your job and put yourself in a bad situation, or buy the Looks Like It’s Fuck This Shit O’Clock coffee mug so at least you can have a laugh before you have to do more work…again.

Whether’s it’s that asshole boss needing a report last thing on Friday while he leaves to go play golf or cheat on his wife while piss ass drunk at the bar, or that useless co-worker that gets away with doing nothing because they know you’ll do it for them anyways, the Looks Like It’s Fuck This Shit O’Clock coffee mug is the right one for you.  Click the links above or the image if you want to buy this cup and instead of flipping out the next time someone asks for a Fuck This Shit favor, you can grab your glass and finish the project with a laugh.

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Have a Nice Day Middle Finger Coffee Mug

One of my all time favorite coffe mugs is the “Have a Nice Day” coffee mug with the picture of the middle finger on the bottom.  Not only is it perfect for the sarcastic asshole inside all of us, but if you have douchebag coworkers, slave away in a customer service role, have an asshole boss or just want to flick someone off, this is perfect way to subtly do it.  Unfortunately if you drink from this particular middle finger mug while on a video call, you may end up flicking off the wrong person (I can tell you from experience).

Luckily, the person who saw it could give a fuck, let alone two fucks so they loved the cup as much as I do and I knew what to buy them for the holidays.  If you have a special someone you’d like to give the finger too, but can’t because it isn’t work appropriate, this is the perfect gift to yourself for telecommuting days when asshole can’t see.

You can either click on the image above or click this link to buy the Have a Nice Day coffee mug with a middle finger on the bottom.  Coffee is so much more satisfying when you can say fuck you and give someone the finger without having to make any more effort than a simple tilt of your coffee cup!

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