Chicken & Steak Are Vegetarian Ecard – Love This!

The other day my friend called and asked if he could bring his new boyfriend to dinner.  Of course I’d love to meet his boyfriend so I said sure.  Then they dropped the bombshell,,,he’s a fucking vegetarian.  That’s where the inspiration for this ecard came from.

chicken and steak vegetarian ecard Look, I have no problem with alternative lifestyles as long as they don’t affect me.  One thing to remember is that being vegetarian is a choice and don’t you push that shit on me.  Allergies you cannot help, being vegetarian you can.  Go ahead and eat veggies in public,,,I can ignore it.  To come into my home andmake a demand that I have vegetarian options…well I didn’t realize how passive aggressive I actually was.

I immediately started to think of great recipes I make like a stuffed squash with a veggie chorizo stuffing, etc…  However when my friend insisted everything has to be 100% instead of having a side dish and a meat option, bitch you crossed a line.

I prepared a delicious chicken and steak dinner that night.   As they walked in and I handed them a glass of wine each they commented about how delicious everything smelled, but also looked confused because you could tell there was meat.  I assured them everything was vegetarian.

We sat on the couch and started to drink wine, laugh and then I got the appetizers which were fabulous fried sundried tomato polenta slices with blue cheese melted on them.  I mean, cheese is vegetarian, just not vegan.  Then we sat at the table and I brought out the dinner I prepared.

They both stared at me confused and angry that I would serve chicken and meat to them.  I honestly didn’t know what was wrong.  I said, you said you only eat vegetarian.  I was very careful at the butcher and said I need steak and chicken that were on strict vegetarian diets.  I even paid extra so we could have the organic versions.  I spent hours cooking and prepping this meal and all you can do is complain.

My friend knew better than to challenge me but his new boyfriend didn’t see the humor in it.  Anyways, the boyfriend wasn’t happy, I had an extra steak and extra wine to drink when they left.  I still don’t see what the problem was.  If you say you only eat vegetarian, I’ll happily avoid preparing a dish with animals that eat meat.  If you say you’d prefer food that doesn’t have meat in it, and you’re polite, I’ll happily prepare a meat free meal for you.

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