The Bottle is Made of Glass – Wine eCard

bottle is made of glass wine ecard

The other day I was binge watching my favorite TV shows and my friend calls and asks if they can join.  When he asked what I was doing, I said having a glass of wine.  When he finally got here he saw I was drinking from the bottle.

He looked puzzled and all I could say was, the bottle is technically made of glass.  After realizing that this was completely accurate, it has helped me to fully understand the nature of being an alcoholic wino,,,and I love it.  Now when I order a glass of wine at a restaurant, I sort of get depressed when they don’t hand me the bottle.  I’m even happy to bring my own sippy cup or nipple if they’re worried about spilling.

My friend also knows to never assume.  If you like the story behind how I came up with the wording for this funny wine ecard, feel free to use the social sharing options on the top or bottom of this post and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or your other favorite social networks.  We’re also going to be opening a shop so you can order your favorite funny eCards from on tshirts, coffee mugs and more.

Here’s another version of the bottle is technically made of glass ecard for you to share.  This one is set up like conversation we had.

glass of wine bottle ecard

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