Here’s to All The Fucks I Give

There’s been a series increase in the amount of dumb fucks out there.  I could careless about political sides, vegan vs. meat eaters or anything else.  I’m talking about the pure stupidity of people in general and almost everything in between.  Last week was the final breaking point for me when this stupid, stupid person who clearly has helicopter parents approached my friend and I while we were taking a break from watching the Iowa Caucus.

here's to all the fucks I give ecard

While we were taking a break from the craziness inside the bar where everyone was split into who they supported (yes there were republicans, democrats and libertarians all cheering for their candidates).  It was actually really nice seeing everyone getting along regardless of who they supported, except of course for the younger Bernie Sanders supporters.  For some reason they got pissed off and caused drama whenever they showed Hillary or someone showed support for her.

That’s why we went outside to take a break.  Let people support who they want without giving dirty looks, calling them names and being a jerk because they disagree with you, this is why we have primaries and debates, so we can learn.  For a group supporting a candidate who isn’t supposed to judge or discriminate based on views, they certainly don’t meet the standard that they preach everyone should live up to.  Anyways, my friend and I needed a break from the noise so we went outside.  It was a warm night so it was perfect.  That’s when this wonderful waste of a person approached us.  She was a typical cute, blond girl.  Very sweet and someone who you could easily approach, until she opened her mouth.

She walked right up and said “You guys look sooo German”.  Then stood there staring at us.

We stared back and I asked “and???”.

She repeats herself “You guys look soo German” but this time her voice got shaky.

I said “Thanks” and turned back to my friend.

Apparently in some weird millennial speak, this is a compliment or proper form of communication?  Maybe she should carry emoticon signs with her so we can understand what her intentions are.  Both of us stood there very confused because she was still standing there and staring at us.

After a couple of minutes I eventually turned and said, “You look sooo Ukranian”.  I have a couple of friends from the Ukraine and she could easily fit in.  Very similar features and she had great posture.  Why not make an assumption like she did with us.

All of the sudden she says “Is that an insult?”.  I said “No, I just don’t understand why you would walk up to strangers and say “You look soo German””.  At this point she says “Wait, are you making fun of me?”.  Then she starts to say it’s not right that WE ARE BULLYING HER.  That’s where I started to laugh and she started to cry.

I looked at her and let her know she’d receive no pity from me.

First, she came up and made a ridiculously random comment to two complete strangers.  She then continued to interrupt us by repeating her random comment.  When we didn’t respond with how smart, cute or fucking weird she is, apparently that means she’s being bullied and we should apologize.  Ummm…no.

This is the problem I have with this generation.  Put down your text messaging service and pick up the fucking phone.  Leave your video games at home and try playing with real people outside and in person.  Better yet, turn off your phone during meals and learn to appreciate your surroundings and learn to talk to the people you’re with.  Also, instead of insulting someone or yelling at them because they disagree with you, try listening to their point of view and maybe you’ll learn both sides.  It’s important to surround yourselves with other opinions…that’s how you learn and grow.

If you don’t, you could end up being a useless person who makes random comments to people, and when you get a reaction you don’t want, you cry and think you’re being bullied.  I feel bad for her.  If your parents don’t teach you how to communicate and that you should always get positive reinforcement, you’re kind of fucked if you don’t learn that isn’t how the real world works.  Anyways, to this person, this eCard is for you.

here's to all the fucks I give ecard

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