Fuck Off Socks

These are clearly one of my favorite products.  I don’t wear socks often, but when I do I like to make a statement.  Usually that statement is fuck off or fuck you since I’m either heading to the gym or a work event.  Although I don’t own these socks that say “Fuck Off”, I can easily see them becoming a staple for my footwear wardrobe when I have to put on socks for business meetings, etc…

What easier way to piss off that bitch at the office or the uptight person your friend is dating than by rolling up your pant leg or crossing them so the words Fuck Off quietly appear to them?  In a perfect world you could also add his or her name, maybe a nice descriptive word like the “C” one or a simple “Bitch” after the words “Fuck Off”,,,but hey, sometimes a simple fuck off is enough to get your point across and these socks are the perfect way to do it.

fuck off socks

image from the amazon affiliate program.

There’s isn’t anything better than having clothing that can say what you’re thinking, but only reveal itself when you need it too.  Think about it, you can wear pants that are a little bit too long and then roll them to a french cuff when in a meeting, at dinner or events where you’re going to be around people you hate.

You know that person you want to say fuck off to isn’t going to speak up during the show giving you enough time to show them off and then change so you don’t get caught (although you could get fired).  Another fun way to wear them is under another pair of socks so you can roll those down at the right time and then have the fuck off socks hidden from sight when you need to be proper.

Simply sit where the words will be facing them and motion to look down so that they know.  Now cross your legs naturally so your pant leg rises and tell them to fuck off without having to move your mouth or lift a finger.  If you do this, be prepared for them to try and take revenge which could in theory cause you to get fired, get sued or hopefully watch the bitch flip out in the same manner of craziness they’ve caused you.  You’ll also need an exit plan since you’ll also get fired.

If you do decide to wear these out, remember you could get in trouble…if you want one possible safety net, have a backup pair of socks in the same color that have no wording and do a quick change.  You’ll need to get rid of the fuck off socks where no one can find them, but it could be the only way to save your job.

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