Fuck You – Here’s a Present Gift Bag

Let’s face it, if you want to give a fuck, what better way to do it than with a gift bag that says Here’s Your Fucking Present? Sure it would be better if it said a simple Fuck You, but by adding “here’s a present” it really adds that extra special something to let asshole know you really didn’t want to shop for them.  You could try “congradufuckinglations” when they graduate school, or something similar, but why bother when there’s this simple and fabulous option already make for you.

You can buy the “Fuck You Here’s Your Present gift bag” by clicking on the previous link or the image below.

fuck you here's your gift bag

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So when and how can you use this gift bag?  Simple, anytime you really don’t actually like someone, don’t care about them and also on those occassions where you’re forced to buy something because you have to.  This could be an ex getting married, a friend who bitches about treating you to drinks one night or even that whiney person who always complains nobody buys them anything for Valentine’s Day.  This bag comes in handy for so many occasions.

If you want a fun idea for presenting it to the person who you had to buy a gift for, instead of placing the gift bag on the gift table, try placing it inside a box filled with packing peanuts so that they have to actually lift the bag out of it and show it to everyone in the room.  By the time they’ve realized what it says, it’ll be too late to hide…which is why you want to make it a surprise.  It’s the perfect way to let that asshole know you really didn’t appreciate that they required a gift when you clearly could give a fuck less.  If you do it right, you probably won’t be required to buy another, if they ever invite you back again which is the point of using this gift bag anyways.  Then again, if you’re giving them a gift in this gift bag, chances are you weren’t planning on seeing them again anyways.

Click the image above or any of the text links in this blog post to buy the Fuck You Here’s a Present gift bag and feel free to leave your own fun way to use it to surprise the person you have to buy a gift for.

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