The Fuck It Button – Love This!

I love this!  It’s the Fuck It button for your desk, work or just because you want to say Fuck It!  Much like the Looks Like It’s Time for Fuck This Shit O’Clock coffee mug, this is the perfect gift for an office mate or friend that wants to say fuck it.

Maybe they have an asshole boss or you guys have a co-worker that is a lazy piece of shit, maybe your friend or office mate just likes to swear or has a great sense of humor.  Either way, the Fuck It button is the perfect alternative to those boring WTF moments at work.  When you have to redo something and then redo it back to the original format, stay late because someone else didn’t do their job, etc…  Click the image below to buy this button for those moments.

fuck it button

The The FuckIt Button
photo is from the amazon affiliate program.

If you want an easier way (less risk of getting fired) to deal with having to make up for coworkers that slack or a partner who refuses to clean, you can simply push the fuck it button.  Perfect when your cat pukes, a neighbor spills stuff into your yard or you simply have to run errands you hate and need to vent first.  To order your own, click here and you’ll be taken to our third party vendor where you can buy a fuck it button of your own.

This might seem like a stupid purchase at first, but when you need a quick burst of fuck you and a passive aggressive way to not get fired when you have to do someone else’s work, the fuck it button is a great alternative.  Just make sure you don’t get in trouble if you bring it to work.  If you do and they fire you, instead of flipping out, simply push the button and say fuck it…then leave with class, grace and know you’ll find a better job somewhere else where you might not actually need a fuck it button.


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