The Go Fuck Yourself Hashtag T Shirt #GoFuckYourself

Looking for a way to photobomb those obnixious selfie people in your way?  It’s the go fuck yourself hashtag t shirt.  This fabulous fashion accessory is always awesome to wear in crowds, especially if you want to make a selfie photobomb special.  Simply line yourself up behind them, hold your shirt up high and hopefully they’ll learn to quit blocking the sidewalks or hogging tourist areas with their obnoxious selfies.

So where else can you wear this shirt?

Weddings:  There’s that bitch ex whose getting married and sends you an invite.  What better photo bomb than lifting up your dress attire and showing a Go Fuck Yourselfie T Shirt in his or her favorite wedding shots.

Work: Have an asshole co-worker that’s easily offended?  Wear this bad boy under your shirt and show it off at the right opportunity.  Let’s see HR get away with asking you to take your clothes off….(ok this work example is actually pretty stupid and you shouldn’t do it since you’ll probably get fired.  You could make the argument you didn’t say go fuck yourself since it is about a selfie, but the word fuck and intent will probably be enough to fire you).

How about those asshole friends that only post fun, sweet and happy pictures to their social media sites because they don’t want anyone to really see that they’re chain smoking, binge drinking fucking prostitutes.  This is the perfect shirt to photo bomb in when they’re lit and thinking they’ll get a great shot.  Not so fun to wake up to the Go Fuck Yourselfie Hashtag Tshirt in the morning.

There’s almost no limits to where this tshirt can be worn.  Think about where tourists and other people annoy you with selfies.  Now simply lift up your overshirt to reveal this one and get in their photo for the perfect photobomb.  Click the links or images above to find our third party partner that sells the Go Fuck Yourselfie tshirt.  Then come back here often for more gifts to tell someone to go fuck themselves.  Also, feel free to share this post on your friend’s facebook timelines whenever you get tired of them posting selfie after selfie after selfie.

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