Meaning of Fuck as a Verb TShirt

The word fuck is easily arguable as one of the most versatile words in the English language.  Think about it like a bisexual male pornstar.  He can be fucked, he can fuck, he can always need to be the fucking center of attention and he can be found fucking or fucking around.  Much like him, the word fuck can be a noun, verb, adjective, etc…. It can basically be used almost any way, but the most common might be the verb form of the word fuck.

If you suck at grammar (like I do), this helpful tshirt will help you remember how to use the word fuck as a verb.  Click here to buy this shirt or click the link below.

fuck as a verb tshirt

The image of the Fuck as a verb tshirtis from the amazon affiliate program.

This is one of my favorite gifts to give to teachers and grammar people.  Not only do they get a kick out of it, but it is an awesome way to remind them of how annoying it is when they constantly comment when you use the wrong form of a word.  Seriously, social media and texting are for fun.  Yes it is important to know how to properly use words and spell, but when it’s a casual conversation between friends…who cares.  Clearly they do.

Anyways, if you have to buy a gift for a grammar person, English major or someone who has a great sense of humor, the fuck as a verb tshirt is always a great option.  It’ll make them laugh and give them something to wear when they’re pissed off and to remind them to double check your writing for you when you mess up your grammar and formatting on social media sites.  You can buy the shirt by clicking on the image or any of the links above.

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